Saturday, June 6, 2009

Welcome, to the inaugural post of 5th Avenue's Next Top Model. 5th Avenue NY is widely regarded as the most fashionable strip of sidewalk in the world. For some its their daily commute, for others the chance of a lifetime. In this competition we will determine who is the Queen and King of the 5th Avenue Runway. We will take submissions and votes from anyone. The rules are as follows. Shots must be on 5th Avenue. It most be a candid or semi candid moment, no staged shots. To be the Queen or King of 5th Avenue you have to be ready at all times, not just for one overly funded moment. Their will be both a male and a female category. The contest will finish September 20, 2009. Good luck to all contestants. You can submit shots to

Female Category


2nd Place

Sitting pretty in first place after the first day of shooting. Notice the strong chin and confident expression. Also good color scheme. 3rd

4th Place
Close behind the first place contestant is miss 3rd runner up. Very delicate features and good style choices accentuate this fascinating face.

3rd Place
Doing well with a pleasant ethnic cast, this contestant is currently in third after the first week.

Male Category

1st place